Update on corona virus/ COVID-19 pandemic

Update to corona virus/ COVID-19 pandemic: WISTA International AGM & Conference takes place on schedule

(Status: 31.05.2021)

WISTA Germany takes the actual situation due to corona virus/ COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. The health and wellbeing of WISTA members, delegates, sponsors and visitors of our conference is our priority. We continue to monitor the spreading of the corona virus and its potential impacts to our AGM and conference – as well as national/ international decisions. This will allow us to react quickly and appropriately in case any changes might be necessary. We have full confidence in the German Health Authorities and their measures to prevent the disease. The German Medical Officers have raised the risk for the public from moderate to high.

This permits the government to plan for all eventualities. Public sources for the actual situation in Germany are provided by the Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute.

Currently, due to the fact that the event is scheduled in 5 months, there is no reason to restrict the planning of the WISTA International AGM and Conference taking place from October 12th – 15th 2021 in Hamburg, Germany as a hybrid event, meaning we will have members, guests, speakers and sponsors who will participate in person and for everybody else, who can not participate in person, we will offer digital tickets.