Welcome to Hamburg

Hamburg - Germany

What makes Hamburg so special?

Water everywhere, including in the middle of the city! Not only the Elbe flows through Hamburg, but also many canals (fleets) run through the cityscape. Hamburg has more bridges than Venice, officially even the most bridges within Europe! Due to the direct connection to the North Sea, the Port of Hamburg is one of the largest ports in the world. The people I Hamburg therefore affectionately call it the “gateway to the world”.

More than a million relaxed residents who display a Nordic serenity, the outsider unwittingly also calls it closeness.

Lovely northern Low German, an unmistakable accent and many Italian and English influences.

The landmark of Hamburg is the main church Sankt Michaelis from the 18th century and even today buildings in the city center may not be built higher than the “Michel”.

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Typical Hamburg

Franzbrötchen …….  delicious, sticky, sweet and only real with plenty  of cinnamon, sugar and butter. Indispensable for Hanseatic people for breakfast.

Fritz-Kola …..………..  less sugared, authentic, sustainable cool alternative to the American original. 

Alster swan ………….   since 1674 there has been the profession of the swan father, who among other things takes care of the rearing and orphaned young animals. By the way, insulting an Alster swan is prohibited by law. They are considered as a lucky charm for the Hanseatic city